Your daily operation

Process reviewProcess Review:

? Do you want to review certain processes in your daily operation? 

  • Observation and evaluation of any process within your property
  • Joint evaluation and improvement of processes in selected areas
  • Test calls for quality checks for reservation processes





? Are you unsatisfied with your daily reporting set up and do you have the feeling you do not use your systems sufficient?

  • Evaluation of systems and reports in place
  • Assistance in implementation of additional reports
  • Communication and coordination with your software provider if needed
  • Recommendation of additional software or tools if requested

Database Database Management:

? Are you not satisfied with your current CRM system set up and want to use your data more efficient for different purposes and targeting different segments? 

  • Evaluation of database in place and the use of itself for marketing activities- Feed back of improvement of use of existing databases
  • Structuring of existing and implementation of additional databases for multiple purpose

Quality checksQuality Checks:

? Do you look for a neutral person doing quality checks in any area of your property, daily operation? 

  • Quality control test calls to your reservation, sales or groups department
  • Quality check of a stay in your property
  • Detailed feed back report
  • Detailed action plan with suggestions for improvements and modifications